For those of you who are interested, this page will (eventually!) link to information about products made for the Mini car by SPQR during the 60's, 70's and early 80's and various relevant items and photographs. 
A starter list:



Major Change gearshift 

A very popular replacement for the original shift! "Complete answer to the slow and cumbersome standard gearchange on the basic BMC Mini" 
majorchange pic.jpg (78826 bytes)

Switch Panel  

Mounted in the door panel and complete with wiring loom "A functional accessory which will enhance the appearance of any Mini and add to it's value"
switch panel pic.jpg (63893 bytes)

Adjustafit Accelerator Pedal 

Luxury indeed "A complete and unique throttle linkage, designed with both the enthusiast and the family motorist in mind"
adjustafit pic.jpg (27007 bytes)


"Fitting neatly in the door pocket, it is available in both left and right hand fitting" 
mini bin pic.jpg (72921 bytes)

Steering Column Adjuster 

"The column adjuster enables the steering column to be raked downwards, giving a better driving position and the maximum comfort behind the wheel"
sterering column adjuster pic.jpg (77635 bytes)

Seat Brackets 

"Sold in pairs, the SPQR Seat Adjusters are essential for tall drivers who require the maximum possible leg room"
seat brackets pic.jpg (40713 bytes)

Window Catches 

"Designed to make the opening of the forward window a simple operation, it's primary feature is it's convenience" driver and passenger models were available
window catch pic.jpg (68785 bytes)

Gear Knobs 

"These unique gear lever knobs offer a complete break-away from current trends" hand-turned wooden gear knobs were available to special order
gear knob pic.jpg (95091 bytes)

Rev Counter Cowl 

"A rev counter housing made of aluminium alloy and finished in crackle black enamel" it was available for all Mini makes & models - very smart!
tach cowl pic.jpg (59414 bytes)

Anti-friction Throttle Cables 

For those with hang-ups "A constantly sticking throttle cable is a most irritating feature of many modern cars".
antifriction cable pic.jpg (35825 bytes)

Throttle Quadrant 

For a nice smooth throttle action

no pic as yet

Radiator Muffs 

Helped to stop the rain getting into the distributer "Shaped to cover the complete grille and has two flaps whick can be buttoned back for air intake"
rad muff pic.jpg (41830 bytes)

Magnetic Drain Plugs 

"The magnet attracts and retains particles before they can reach the oil pump thereby protecting it and the engine from damage"
drain plug pic.jpg (70465 bytes)


No dirty hands! - the wheelnuts were retained in the brace while the wheel was being changed and were easily refitted. Supplied with an 'oven glove', there was no need to touch the dirty wheel at all. 
speedbrace pic.jpg (34321 bytes)

Engine Cones 

Minimised the engine rattling about "Essential for all Mini models manufactured before February 1963" supplied in pairs and sold by the thousand!!
cones pic.jpg (42463 bytes)

Engine Stabilising Bars 

Stopped the engine rattling about! Linked the base of the engine to the chassis sub-frame helping to prevent frequent exhaust pipe fracture and smoother running
engine stabilisers pic.jpg (60390 bytes)


and later, universal tools still available now:


  • Tappet Adjuster - a 3 in 1 tool suitable for OHV engines


  • Valve Lapper - used with electric drill, converts rotary to oscillating motion


  • Trakrite Wheel Alignment Gauge - measures side slip efficiently